Zero Tolerance Policy: The Realities Underneath

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  M. B. M. [By: Ellee Rogers] In April, Attorney General Jeff Sessions implemented the inhumane, heartbreaking “zero tolerance” policy for people crossing the border into the United States. Within the next five weeks after this taking place, 2,300 children  have been torn away from their loved ones, proving the dismal truth that the America we are now molding isn’t “America first,” as Trump preaches, […]

Implacable Violence, Part One

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[By: Jerry W. Ward, Jr.] The death of Senator John McCain quickens our  interest in how to deal with contemporary  narratives of life history.  McCain’s touchstone story pertains to American conservative values, the consequences of trauma,  military and public service, violence, and  a sense of honor.  Barack Obama’s differently remarkable narratives direct attention to the absence of military service, class and caste violence, the audacity […]

Keeping the Faith: A Tribute Reginald Martin

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[By: Dr. Maryemma Graham] Reginald Martin 1956-2018 Poet, novelist, professor, scholar, editor, mentor, musician, and boxing enthusiast, Reginald Martin became a household name early in his career, not because he played by the rules, but because he did not. Awarded tenure at 35, the youngest for anyone at the University of Memphis, Martin was among those younger scholars who elected to remain in his native South, […]

An Open Letter to Chancellor Girod

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[By: Alysha Griffin] Dear Chancellor Girod, I write to expose a glaring contradiction with the agreement to remove Josephine Meckseper’s “Untitled (Flag 2)”—what Gov. Jeff Colyer calls a “desecrated American flag”– from the grounds of Spooner Hall. To be clear, I have no investment in the display of this particular piece. Also, I firmly believe that the American people gain nothing by conflating the sacrifices […]

On the Relativity of Freedom in the Free State

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[By: Dr. Maryemma Graham] Toni Morrison is the greatest novelist of our times, but more and more, I find myself drawn to the wisdom in her essays, like those in Playing in the Dark or earlier works like The Site of Memory and the brutal honesty revealed in “Unspeakable Things Unspoken.” The Origin of Others is her latest testament to the truth of our time, reaffirming her […]

Op-Ed: The Failings of the Flag

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[By: Jennifer M. Wilmot] Recently, KU became embroiled in a public debate over free speech and public art when Governor Jeff Colyer demanded an art installation at The Commons (Spooner Hall) be removed, which Chancellor Douglas Girod then complied. The piece “Untitled (Flag 2)” by German-born, New York-based artist Josephine Meckseper, was met with fierce and swift backlash from conservative politicians across the state. Proclaiming […]